Effortless and intelligent Patient Engagement

Praxi keeps patients on track with their prep and on time for their appointment by sending reminders about their exams or procedures, at the right time. By utilizing proven behavioral research, Praxi helps improve the likelihood that patients adhere to their prep and show up on-time for their appointment.

10s of 1000s
dollars lost per missed appointment

When efficiency is critical, 'no-shows' and delayed appointments can disrupt the day's schedule and your bottom line. Missed or rescheduled appointments equals less revenue. Period. Not to mention, it creates frustration and confusion for your patients.

of patients struggle to understand healthcare instructions.

A recent study shows that 76% of patients over 50, are unclear of their next steps after a doctor's appointment. Praxi communicates next steps in a clear and friendly way that is easy for patients to understand.

of Americans own a smartphone.

Reach your patients where they are the most available: their smartphone. With the smartphone becoming a critical connector of information for patients, Praxi leverages these stats to the advantage of your care team by delivering relevant health information to the fingertips of your patients.

Who can use praxi?

Praxi's customization options gives your care team the power to set the schedule, putting care and treatment decisions back in the hands of your providers.

  • Hospitals

    The one stop shop, Praxi was built by people who have worked in hospitals. We know the problems your department faces and believe Praxi can help improve your scheduling across many departments.

  • Surgery Centers

    The emotional and physical toll of surgeries can put added pressure on patients ability to follow complex instruction. Let Praxi help reinforce the treatment and prep plan to keep everyone comfortable and in-the-know.

  • Imaging Centers

    Whether you're scheduling a day of PET/CT scans or trying to support your Ultrasound department, Praxi can give your team reinforcements to ensure their exams and tests stay on track.

  • Private Practices

    With our behavioral science backed solution, you don't need a certain number of beds or patients to benefit from the Praxi reminders.

A Family Business

Praxi was researched and built by Shepp It, a team of technology experts who have dedicated their careers to solving real problems in healthcare. Our team brings a wide range of backgrounds together to deliver simple solutions with cutting edge technology

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